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Installing Wallpaper Like A Pro

installing wallpaper like a proAfter years of being used to imitate paint, or simply being ignored as a tacky 60s throwback, wallpaper is coming back in a big way. Bold, baroque-inspired designs are becoming an increasingly popular wallcovering, as are complex geometric interlocking patterns. Installing wallpaper in a room may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not as hard as it seems. This guide will have you installing wallpaper like a pro in no time!

Part One: Wall Preparation

1)Sand the wall down to provide a smooth surface that the wallpaper can stick to. Use spackle to fill in any gouges or cracks in the wall.

2)Measure out your walls (including doors and windows) with a tape measure so that you know what sizes of wallpaper you need, and where to cut it.

3)Apply an even coat of wallpaper primer.

Part Two: Wallpaper Preparation

4)READ THE DIRECTIONS. Every wallpaper is a little different in terms of how it’s best applied. Read the instructions that come with your wallpaper carefully. (Some, for example, come with their own glue already applied.)

5)Cut the wallpaper according to the measurements you made. When cutting, make the strips around 4 inches longer vertically than they need to be. This makes it easier to get the edges right, as you can just cut the excess off once you’re done.

6)Lay out the wallpaper in front of the wall, making sure that you have the patterns lined up correctly. You might use a bit of painter’s tape to hold the pieces in place, for reference.install wallpaper

7)Mix up some wallpaper glue, and pour it into a paint roller tray. Roll this evenly onto the back of each piece as you’re ready to install it.

Part Three: Installing Wallpaper

8)This is best done with two people, one holding the top, and the other holding the bottom. Take each gluey strip and apply it carefully to the wall. Each strip of wallpaper should touch, but not overlap.

9)Take a plastic smoother and carefully smooth it out, working from the center outwards. Make sure to get all bubbles and ripples out. You have about ten minutes to perfect the placement before the glue sets.

10)Keep on in this fashion. Once you’re done, don’t forget to cut off the excess at the top and bottom.

That’s it!

That’s really all there is to it. Do you have any tips for great wallpaper installation? Let us know!  

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