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Top 3 Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Paint Contractor

Renovation projects are a daunting task. It takes the right people, who can see a vision and bring it to life. Before choosing a professional paint contractor there are some important questions that you must address to make sure you are hiring the right one for your project.

1. Does the company show the right amount of professionalism?

Checking out a company’s business history is the fastest way to see if they are functioning at a professional level. The internet provides sites, such as Guild Quality, that rates a company’s level of performance. You can use Guild Quality to check out how they rate paint companies in your area, including ours. When checking out a company, you may find out they have an up-to-date professional license but they are not following through with the behaviors that are expected of a professional. They may have subtle issues, such as only working part-time or have a history of not following through with guarantees promised at the beginning of projects that can be a warning sign that the professionalism within the company is lacking.

2. When hiring paint contractors, how important is it for them to have a license, insurance and to be bonded?

Having a specialty contractor’s license ensures that the work that is to be done will meet industry issued procedures and standards. If the contractor does not perform the work in the correct manner as directed by guidelines, the company can be held responsible for the damages done to the home. Using someone who does not have a license leaves an opening for dishonesty and destruction. While licenses cover the legal aspects of hiring a contractor, insurance guarantees that there will be funds available in case of damage to the hoe or injury to a person. A bond is a safety net for the client. The contractor secures money with a surety company, an outside agency that will handle any issues that arise between the client and contractor. Being bonded assures that money is available to complete a project in the instance that there is a problem fulfilling the contract between the client and the contractor such as not finishing the job, not paying for permits or other financial obligations and damages to your property.

3. What are the most important facts when hiring a paint contractor?

When deciding on a paint contractor, there are three important topics to look at including what type of paint do they use, do they sub-contract the work and can they provide a picture portfolio of past work for reference. Look for a company that uses only the best in paint products, like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, or you will run into poor quality material. If the contractor does not do the work themselves, you will have the added step of checking out the sub-contractor to make sure they meet your requirements as well. You will want to see how the contractor can create your vision and looking at their portfolio will allow you to get an idea of what they can do.

If you are in the market for a professional paint company that has the knowledge and experience to turn your vision into reality, contact us today.

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