The Complex Environment of Healthcare

The Paint Doctor has extensive experience in the specialized world of healthcare, including working in sterile zones, patient occupied spaces and staff areas. We are passionate about providing an exceptional result in a patient supportive manner that minimizes disruption in a 24/7 environment.

Healthcare facilities are some of the most complex and heavily regulated of any building type. The many categories of spaces inside these buildings encompasses everything from patient rooms to emergency facilities, laboratories to cafeterias to offices, and more, each with their own unique requirements.
Continuous advances to technology paired with a growing list of codes and compliance regulations generate a constant need for existing facility renovations and new facility construction.

With the vast majority of hospitals funding renovations and expansions, most facilities continue to operate through the duration of the construction process.

We Have The Training And Equipment

Workers should be trained in patient safety and comfort, use noise-reduction technology, implement separate worker entrances and manage material delivery flow to ensure that construction traffic doesn’t pose any risk to emergency room access.

Projects should also implement contaminant control procedures to protect building occupants, including the use of portable dust containment units.

We have the resumé to handle your project.

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