Higher Education Projects

College campuses, dormitories to stadiums, The Paint Doctor brings owner and architect dreams to life to engage and inspire educators and students. We can handle specialized coatings and surfaces as well as maintenance painting to freshen and elongate the life of your facilities.

Every college is unique in its needs, layout, activities, and area available to relocate disrupted buildings. We can assist in tailoring a disruption avoidance plan to your campus project’s specific needs. 

Flexibility Goes a Long Way

A good plan and solid communication are nothing without ongoing monitoring and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. It’s inevitable that surprises will happen, so identifying situations early and having the flexibility to react while remaining on track is extremely important.

Communication Is Key

Impact on campus operations can be minimized through effective communication tools, such as:

  • Weekly check-ins and site walkthroughs: Allow all stakeholders to review progress, identify potential issues and plan the next two to four week work cycle.
  • Real time shared daily progress reports

Nothing Beats Experience

Our team has extensive experience working on campuses across Georgia and is well-versed in collaborative strategies with university stakeholders. We work with facilities teams and General Contractors to keep campus facilities fully operational and safe during the construction process, and our continual and regular communications highlight updates on our scope of work and completion status.

Our team’s ongoing monitoring and the ability to adapt to unique circumstances ensures optimum outcomes for all campus audiences.

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