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Decorative Plasters Like A pro

installing decorative plastersAs an art form that dates back to the Italian Renaissance, decorative plasters bring an element of wealth and sophistication to any home. By adding a layer of Venetian style decorative plaster to your wall, you can instantly transform the plain, blank walls of your home into a vision out of a “old world” European artwork. By utilizing this technique in your home, you are joining in a several hundred year old tradition dating back to one of the most exciting times in the history of art and culture.

One of the best attributes of decorative plaster is that, like standard wall paint, it is available in many different shades and colors and the color you choose will have a tremendous impact on the mood of the room. Choose from light browns and gold to simulate the look of a Tuscan winery, or marble-esque grays and silver to add a touch of high class appeal to any room. You can choose to have your decorative plaster complement the interior design colors of your home or match the outside landscape. There are so many opportunities when it comes to decorative plasters that you can easily give your home the personal touch you desire.

When applying this technique, thin layers are applied to a wall space using broad strokes from a speciallydecorative plaster designed painting spatula or trowel. Afterward, the plaster is polished to create a smooth surface. A long-lasting substitute to traditional paint options, decorative plasters – when complete – have a textured surface that is unique to each and every surface.

Keep in mind that decorative plasters are confined to certain spaces in your home or business. Because they are such a versatile medium, you can apply these plasters to virtually any room available – from your living room or kitchen to your bedroom, bathroom and even your outdoor patio space. Once it has been sealed, plaster becomes durable enough for even the most high-traffic areas in your home. Indeed, Venetian style decorative plasters are a great alternative to paint and look stunning on any surface.

What area in your home would you like to makeover with a decorative plaster?      

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