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Interior Design Color Schemes That Fit Your Personality

When it comes to interior design colors, it is important that you create a specificInterior Design Color Schemes color scheme to bring the right warmth and balance to your home. Creating interior design color schemes is more about picking a single paint color, it is about creating proportions of colors that can work well together in a room. This is the same logic that many people use when they dress themselves. You will want to create harmony between the top, bottom and accessories that you wear.

Creating this correct, harmonious balance in a wardrobe can be applied when finding interior design color schemes to fit your personality. A great rule of thumb that many designers will advise their clients to use is the 60-30-10 policy. Just like when you dress yourself, you will typically have a majority color, whether this is a suit, a pair of pants or a skirt, this makes up the 60%. This should be your dominant color in the room. The secondary color will be your 30%, this is usually the top or shirt in an outfit and it will be the major accent color in your room. Finally the accessories, such as jewelry, handbags or ties will make up the 10% or the last punch of color in the room which is usually saved for pillows, rugs and trinkets.

With these proportions in mind, it is time to start putting together color schemes that fit your personality. The great thing about color schemes is since there are so many combinations to choose from, it can be easy to find a combination that shows off your own style and personality.  You can choose all neutral colors and play it safe, or you can have a majority of neutral colors and use your 10% to really add some life to the room. Custom painting color schemes, add a unique touch to your home.
color chart
If you really want to include some character in your room when choosing interior design color schemes, your bold color can be your primary color, or your 60%. Which ever combination of hues fits you personally is the right one for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique color combinations, even if you aren’t sure they will go together at first, there is no telling what type of combination you will come up with.

What are some of your favorite color combinations? Have you added any fun punches of color to your latest living space?

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