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2012 Interior Design Colors

Interior Design ColorsIf you don’t think that interior design colors change with the times, think again. After all, the avocado greens of the 70s and the bubble gum pinks of the 80s are long past us. Perceptive homeowners who want to use the hottest 2012 interior design colors should think bold colors with just a hint of sophistication.

Here are some of the hottest 2012 interior design painting ideas and colors:

Think Brown, Not Beige

While the beige and tan trend that has been popular for years will continue, the hues will deepen in 2012 and trend towards deeper, richer shades of brown and khaki.

Red Light District

Many homeowners shy away from red as a paint color for a home or a room, but with the incredible range of red colors in 2012, fear is no longer necessary. Reds now vary from a sweet blush to a vintage fire engine red that is as sophisticated as it is bold.

Be Green

No need to fear the drab avocado green paint shades of decades past, since the hottest 2012 interior design colors include greens with a soft but bright palette. Choose from barely-there mint to a rich olive shade to make your new room or house modern and timeless at the same time.

Soak Up the Sun

If you cringe when you hear the word “gold” or “yellow” regarding paint colors, relax. The newest yellow interior designshades are now a neutral with soft hints of color, although of course a bright golden yellow can be a surprising touch in any home.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Many of the newest 2012 interior design colors reflect an environmental awareness while seeking the serenity of cool blue and gray tones. Think air and water when selecting your new paint shades and go stormy with a charcoal gray or beachy with a bright ocean tone.

Designer Touches

Savvy interior designers know that almost any color can go together if done artfully. Consider a pop of red against a light blue wall, create wide bold stripes with a neutral and a bright color in a bedroom or living room, or use spring’s brightest flowers for painting inspiration. Even a custom painting to accent a room.

The 2012 interior design trends point towards a strong environmental influence as well as bold but tasteful bright hues. Balance unexpected colors with neutral shades and watch your home change completely.

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