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Increases In Raw Materials Are Driving Up House Painting Cost

The overall house painting cost that customers are experiencing these days is because of an overall increaseHouse Painting Costs in price for the raw materials that are used in paint. Many plants that produce paint have had to shutdown in the past couple of years as well as decrease their production levels and inventory. All of these factors have contributed to rising costs for Atlanta Painting.

Because of the recession, the trucking and transport industry suffered greatly. The amount of trucks available for transporting raw materials lessened and this cause a great increase in house painting costs. When the prices of transportation and raw materials increase, the price of paint increases as well. Even with unemployment rates improving slowly, there is still a low level of hiring occurring.

Even the packaging that paint comes in has had to increase in cost because of the raw materials used to make it. High density polyethylene is the plastic that is used for making paint pails and totes. It is made from petroleum which has been increasing in cost pretty steadily. This adds to the overall cost of the product that companies are purchasing and they in turn have to charge the consumer more for the job.

While it may not seem obvious at first, the increase in cost of raw materials is having a profound impact on the painting industry and how much a customer has to pay to have a quality job completed for their home. As the economy improves costs will slowly move towards affordability but it will take some time for everything, including transportation and packaging costs, to return to normal.


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