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Commercial Painting Contractors – Interior Maintanence Ideas

Atlanta paintersAs a commercial painting contractor, you are probably asked how to maintain the interior of an office on a regular basis. With employees going in and out daily, there are bound to be mishaps. While even the best Atlanta painters will do their best to make the paint smooth and concise, you can also suggest some interior maintenance ideas to the client.

Stress the Primer and Two Coats
You probably already do this. You are familiar with why you need two coats, to even out colors. Priming the wall, though, may help the coats of colored paint stick a bit better. Even with primer included paints on the market, or one coaters, depending on the client, you may want to make it a separate coat.

Offer Quality Paint
It is key for commerical painting contractors to use the highest grade of paint possible. For high traffic offices, encourage your clients to opt for a higher grade of paint. If you need to apply it more carefully, charge a little more. It will pay off in maintenance savings.

Always Keep a Touch-up
That little can of paint kept under the sink in the kitchen is a hidden gem. Walls are always getting knicked in a busy office. You may consider providing a little can to your client. Otherwise, write down the specifics of the paint you’re using so they can purchase their own. Anything that saves the office manager time will be appreciated. Who doesn’t want to be a property manager’s commercial painting contractor of choice?

Offer a Maintenance Plan
When it comes to your bottom line, making extra money is always a good idea. Why not offer a maintenance plan and perform touch-ups for your clients. Go ahead and snag a bottle of Murphy’s Oil Soap, too. Clean the white walls for important clients who purchase your maintenance plan. It’s an awesome, extra service no one else is likely to offer.

Whatever your take on the matter, clients will always want to know how to obtain the best painting services possible, in order to maintain their interior office walls. They will expect you to do an excellent job, but also to help keep their paint job pristine. Consider using a separate primer. Offer them a can of touch-up paint. Better yet, come back on a service call and bill a little extra for yourself. You can’t go wrong when it comes to helping clients maintain their walls.


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