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Paint Business – Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor To Qualify Them Before You Hire Them

Employing the services of a high quality Atlanta painting contractor is imperative when looking to have the interior or exterior of your home professionally painted. There are many individuals who advertise their services as a painting contractor who may not have the necessary experience, expertise and skill painting contractorto back it up. Referrals and reviews are crucial when searching for a top notch painting professional, but it is also very important and helpful to ask specific questions of a potential painting contractor.

Consider asking the following questions when recruiting a potential painting professional.

  • Do you work as a full time or part time painting contractor?

The amount of time the painter spends on his work may determine his experience and skill level. Somebody who only works part time may also be limited in their ability to devote time to your specific project.

  • How many years of professional painting experience do you have?

In general, most high quality painting contractors will have at least five years of experience. Contractors who have not been able to sustain their paint business as a result of poor quality and lack of referrals will typically go out of business within the first five years.

  • What is the status of your contractor’s license?

A reputable and successful painting professional will have a license in good standing. Subpar contractors will have negative marks, defects or other complaints recorded against them.

  • Do you carry proper insurance?

Your painting professional should carry the legally required personal and property liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation coverage. Be sure to obtain copies of their up to date insurance policies Atlanta home paintngfor your files when hiring a painting contractor.

  • Can I have the names and contact information for  your last several clients?

A top notch contractor should be confident in their past work and give this information willingly.

  • How firm is your initial estimate?

Be sure that you are not blindsided by additional surprise charges and fees after the painting job has been completed. Also be sure that the estimate comes close to covering all costs for materials and labor.

  • Will you be hiring a subcontractor?

Many paint businesses will employ subcontractors to complete individual jobs. Be sure that all painters are sufficiently trained and professional.

By asking the right questions, you can determine if your potential Atlanta home painting contractor runs a high quality professional paint business that is worthy of your time and money.

Archie has made service, quality, and knowledge the hallmarks of The Paint Doctor since he started the company in Atlanta over 15 years ago. The company has grown every year, in up and down markets. No matter the scope of project, The Paint Doctor has become the painting contractor interior designers and decorators, commercial contractors, major construction firms, government agencies, and residential clients who value the excellent craftsmanship and service The Paint Doctor provides.

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