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Paint Doctor Gives New Look to Georgia’s Oldest Courthouse

Fayette County, Georgia has the proud honor of being the seat of the oldest courthouse in the state. Built in 1825, the building has remained a prominent landmark as the city has grown substantially over the last 190 years.  The Paint Doctor recently gave the courthouse a brand new look by washing and painting the outside of the historic building.


Rising toward the sky from the historic courthouse is a soaring clock tower that serves as the focal point for the building. Accessing and restoring this clock tower was no easy task, but projects that require attention to detail and a problem solving attitude are our specialty! Reaching the top of the clock tower took more than the normal ladder found in a garage. Our team received special training and certifications so that we could use boom lifts to access the highest points of the tower.


In addition to restoring the clock tower, the entire exterior of the courthouse was thoroughly washed and skillfully painted to restore the luster of past years. The courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places, so we made sure to stay true to the original look of the building. This paint job will last for years to come and protect this historical treasure for future generations to enjoy.


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