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Commercial Painting Regularly Should Be A Yearly Budget Line Item

As a homeowner, your house is your family’s biggest investment. Regular upkeep not only makes your house a home, but it is also a financial necessity. Yearly commercial painting of your home is part of it annual commercial paintingmaintenance – a close relationship with a painter ensures that your home retains its structural integrity as well as its aesthetic appeal. 

No matter where you live, the elements of nature take their toll on your home. In temperate climates, temperature swings cause paint to peel. When a home is not adequately protected with a layer of paint, water can work its way in where it freezes, deteriorating walls, or seeps in, causing mold and rotting. You should call in a commercial painter every spring to assess and repair winter’s effects on paint. In warm climates, harsh sun fades paint and the heat causes it to peel, as well. Metal that is not covered with a stable layer of paint rusts quickly. Yearly exterior painting touch ups by a knowledgeable commercial painting company keep your home safe from the elements and structurally sound – and that goes not only for exterior walls, but also for drains, gutters, windows, and decks. 

The front door is to the home what the eyes are to the face, so keeping this area presentable is particularly important, which any real-estate agent will confirm. Doors on south-facing entrances need special attention. The sun causes them to fade and peel rapidly. 

VOC free acrylic paintsInside the home, you have more freedom to paint at any time of the year. Low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) or VOC-free acrylic paints are a convenient and eco-friendly way to get the job done, and you won’t have to worry about paint fumes. There is nothing easier than a fresh coat of paint to bring vitality to a tired room. You can also paint furnishings, or cabinets, to refurbish inexpensively. If you have kids, you will want to paint over their finger and footprints regularly!

Beyond aesthetic concerns, a good commercial painting company will examine your interior walls and windows for cracks and gaps and will caulk accordingly. This makes your home more energy efficient, saving you money. Your commercial painting company will also look out for water seepage and termite damage, alerting you to small problems before they become big ones. To ensure a well-kept home, make commercial painting a yearly budget line item.

Archie has made service, quality, and knowledge the hallmarks of The Paint Doctor since he started the company in Atlanta over 15 years ago. The company has grown every year, in up and down markets. No matter the scope of project, The Paint Doctor has become the painting contractor interior designers and decorators, commercial contractors, major construction firms, government agencies, and residential clients who value the excellent craftsmanship and service The Paint Doctor provides.

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