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Atlanta Painting – Cost of Painting a House

Atlanta Exterior PaintingIf you’d like to start an Atlanta painting project on the exterior of your house, whether because your home desperately needs a fresh coat of paint, or you are preparing to sell your home or merely because you’d like to see some change, you are going to be asking yourself how much it will cost you!

So, here is a break-down of how costs are determined.

If you live in a mid-sized home of around 2,000 sq.ft or so, you are likely to receive quotes in the $3,000 range to let the entire Atlanta Exterior Painting be done by a professional. In other words, the norm is to pay about 1 to 1.25 dollars per square foot covered. The price will be calculated on the basis of the following factors:

  1. Price of paint: One gallon of good paint will generally cover 350-400 sq. ft. For quality paint (usually a satin or flat finish) be prepared to pay around $25-35. Doors and trim will be done with a semi-gloss finish, which will cost you closer to the $35 range. So if your home is 2,000 sq. ft, even if you get a good deal on paint and it covers 400 sq.ft per gallon, you are still talking about $125 in paint, at a minimum. Remember, cheap is not always better, you will want your paint to last.
  2. Atlanta paintingCost of labor: Of course, the major determinant in cost level is really whether it will be a do-it-yourself project, or whether you will contract a professional to do it for you. When hiring professionals, labor costs will account for around 85 to 90% of the final costs. They generally take about a week to paint a house (incl. prep). If you do go the DIY route, remember to factor in the cost of materials!
  3. Prep & Extra Issues: In Atlanta, common problems that cause damage to paint include cracking due to sun and wind, mildew or rust stains, and temperature changes causing wood to expand and contract. You or the professional may need to spend extra time on scraping or sanding down the old paint, caulking or other issues that may surface (like lead paint mitigation).
  4.  Prime & Custom colors: If want to prime or use custom colors, this will of course add to paint and labor costs.
  5. Trim: Finally, if trim or doors have to be done, this be calculated as extra.

Good luck on your Atlanta painting project!

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