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Atlanta Interior Painting – Bedroom Paint Ideas

Atlanta Interior PaintingIs it time to spice up the bedroom with some Atlanta Interior painting?  Maybe you’re just tired of spending 8 hours every night surrounded by white walls.   Whatever your reasoning is, when it’s time to paint the bedroom, it’s time to paint the bedroom.   Here are a few ideas to get you started, and just maybe inspire some zzzz’s.Pick the right color for a bedroom.  In other words, bright red isn’t very relaxing.  Deep, dark red is probably a better choice.  Likewise, a robin’s egg blue may make your adult time feel like baby boy nursery time.   If you’re not sure how sleepy sienna will make you, opt for a sample to test the wall first.  Be sure the color of paint fits you. Do you relax in the bedroom?  Read a book? Is it a baby’s room?  What you use your bedroom for will considerably effect your paint choice.

Don’t be afraid to two tone, even in the bedroom.  Choose one accent wall, maybe what’s behind the bed, then make the other three walls a shade or two lighter.  This would be where picking the right color doesn’t quite apply.  If the wall is behind you, bright red won’t matter much when you try to fall asleep. So, if you really need something bright, even in the bedroom, do it behind the bed.

Interior paintingTwo tone can also work to break up the room.  With atlanta interior painting, you might choose to tape the wall into two sections, horizontally.  A top and a bottom section are now available for two different colors.  Place your darker shade on bottom, then the lighter shade on the upper half of the wall for a really unique bedroom painting option.  Even if you like this idea, try to avoid anything too busy, like triangle weaving patterns.

Finally, check the latest magazines and go trendy.   Almost every magazine has a little design section offering the latest and greatest ideas for painting.   Better yet, atlanta interior painting is affordable.   You can easily choose a color you like for right now, then change it back in the Spring.  So, if eggplant is the thing to do right this minute, go for it.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to use color in the bedroom.  When it comes to paint, you can always change it right back to something a little more, shall we say sleep inspiring?

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