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Our Philosophy on Business Growth

Our business started out as a simple paint company. Over time, we saw we could transform homes and businesses by changing paint schemes or adding stylish wall coverings to make a room sparkle. Our humble beginnings really changed when we saw the impact our work had for our customers. Over a decade later, our passion remains and we are continually finding ways to improve and grow our business. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our philosophy on how to grow our business. Here are a three points that have made The Paint Doctor the company it is today:

The Network is Everything

Our network is our business. We must surround ourselves with knowledgeable professionals that have a niche in an area where we can compliment each other. We strive to find businesses that share in our vision and adhere to the same standards we do. These companies are going to help us do one of the most important parts of growing our business – spreading the word. We love our customers, and we want them to love us back. When they do, magic happens and they refer us. We couldn’t be in business without our network so we work hard to grow it and take care of it

Stay Consistent and Creative

What works today is different than what worked yesterday, and the same will be true in the future. We must be open to new ideas and new approaches that will help us do our job more effectively and efficiently. We should always be evolving with the latest trends while staying committed to making sure our quality of work stays the same. It is important to keep our business focused on customer satisfaction by always maintaining exceptional client relationships and by working diligently to produce quality work. Keeping our customers coming back for repeat business is what will make our company grow in the future.

Do Great Work

This cannot be under estimated. The value of doing a great job, of excelling at something, is a cornerstone of life for us at The Paint Doctor. We have proven year over year that we can deliver a top quality product, and as a result, we have customers who keep coming back time after time. They in-turn tell people about us and our business grows. It’s not fancy or glamorous, but it works. Being a paint company, people can literally walk through and touch what we do. When people see our work, we want them to have a good feeling about it. It builds goodwill and this goodwill is the capitol we use to keep getting bigger and bigger.

This is how we have become the company we are today. If you’d like to experience The Paint Doctor for yourself, contact us today to get started.

The Paint Doctor often calls on Damon for his unique approach to project management and customer relations. He is a trusted source for thought leadership in the areas of business development and social communications.

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