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How to Maintain Painted Walls

Painting your home’s walls is an investment, and as such, you should work to protect it by keeping those surfaces fresh and looking their best for as long as possible. Many of us, however, don’t know how to properly maintain painted walls.

Prevention of damage is the best policy. Install chair rails and apply soft, buffer pads to furniture backs and bottoms to prevent scratching. Make sure you give fresh coats of paint the recommended time to dry, and remember, a glossy paint is always easier to clean than a flat, matte paint.

Another part of prevention is preparation, ensuring your walls are properly cleaned, sanded if necessary and fully prepared to be painted. Rushing into a paint job will lead to less than desirable and harder to maintain walls. When you’re hiring a professional Atlanta painter, ask what steps they take to prep surfaces before painting.

Knowing how to properly clean your painted walls is crucial to maintaining their appearance. One common problem people experience is burnishing – if you attack a mark or stain too aggressively, you’ll remove the top coating of paint and leave a shiny patch in its place. Take your time.

Always start with a clean rag and clear water; rub the stain gently. If this doesn’t work to remove it, mix a small amount of dishwasher detergent into the water and repeat. If you still need a stronger solvent, try Formula 409, or something not overly abrasive. Refrain from leaving it on too long or applying too liberally – it can quickly soften the paint.

If you have dust, dirt or cobwebs that collect, the vacuum can be used. Be sure, however, that you use the soft bristled attachment to prevent scratching and scarring.

Professional painters will have additional advice for maintaining painted walls, so before or after the project is completed, ask them for their opinions. How frequently should baseboards and trim be washed? What’s the best way to go about touch ups? How long should I allow the paint to dry? All of these things will help you keep your painted walls looking their best for the longest time possible.

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