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Color Meanings: Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Room

It’s proven that colors affect our moods. Our favorite colors impact us positively – some colors making us happy and active while others soothe and create a calming environment. Color meanings are important, especially when choosing the right paint color for your room.

Let’s take a look at some commonly acknowledged color meanings and where they fit the home’s color palette. Here are a few common room paint colors:

  • White. White is a bright and pure hue. It’s great for ceilings and makes a space feel more open and clean. Using white on lower portions of the wall can be risky – it’s easily stained and discolors faster than other paint colors.
  • Blue. Blue makes us feel harmonious and peaceful, so it’s often used as accent color in bedrooms. Blue is also good in bathrooms because it can create a spa-like environment.
  • Green. Green makes us feel balanced and grounded, and in the right shade, it can be ideal for your home’s main living spaces. In kitchens and rooms with ample windows, green paint creates the illusion of bringing the outdoors inside.
  • Yellow. Yellow is the most cheerful color, and it can be great in kitchens, bathrooms and in the right shade, almost anywhere in the home. Yellow also comes in shades ranging from canary to sand, so it’s quite versatile.
  • Orange and red should be used with care. Red can provide a passionate pop of color but it can also quickly become overwhelming and dense. Orange is very energetic, but in lighter shades, it can be soothing – great as an accent color.
  • Purple is another color to be used with caution. It’s very rich and can quickly make a room feel dark, but used in moderation and the appropriate shades, it can create an impact. Try purple as a backsplash color in a sleek, modern kitchen.
  • Although technically not a color, gray is a great shade for interior painting. It’s a quiet, calm tone that can bring balance with brighter, bolder furniture. It’s particularly nice in bedrooms and bathrooms in its warmer shades.
  • Brown. Brown is a very versatile color because it comes in so many shade variations. It’s the ultimate pair, complementing many other colors, such as yellow, light blue and beige.

Adding a fresh layer of paint to your home instantly brings new life and energy into the space, making it appear spruced up and tidy. Be creative yet thoughtful when selecting a paint color, and always perform a swatch test – test small patches of different paint colors – before fully committing.

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