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Paint Murals Like A Pro

Atlanta Wall MuralsA mural is a unique way to transform a boring wall into a beautiful work of art right in your own home. While murals are not as popular today, centuries ago, before wall art was mass produced and sold in department stores, it was one of the only ways to achieve any sort of home décor. Although you’re less likely to see murals on the interior walls of homes today, painting a mural is a great way to add character to your house and impress your guests.

There are many ways to paint murals and every artist, seasoned professionals and amateurs alike, have their own specific styles and methods. However, when you are first starting out there are a few simple tips that can assist you in getting the job done right and honing your creative skills. Here are some helpful hints for getting started painting murals like a pro:

First, choose a space on your wall. A large, flat surface is best. Walls that have textured paint or stucco can be much more challenging for a first time muralist. Be sure to prep your “canvas” by cleaning the wall thoroughly. Then you’ll be ready to paint a mural like a pro.

The next step is to choose the paint. If you’re painting your mural inside you can use latex paints. However, for home exterior projects you may want to stick with oil based enamels – such as a alkyd or polyurethane enamel – or acrylics. When selecting the amount of paint you need, it’s always better to overestimate than Atlanta Wall Muralsunderestimate. No one wants to get halfway through a mural only to realize they’ve run out of paint.

Thirdly, decide your application method. Muralists use all sorts of tools – from basic brushes to sprayers, rollers and much more. The types of tools you will need depend on the size and intricacies of the mural itself. Before starting, be sure to sketch the mural out on the wall using a washable pencil. If you’re not incredibly artistically inclined you may want to use a stencil.

Lastly, begin painting! Remember that if the design turns our terrible, you can always repaint. However, if you end up creating a beautiful mural like the pro’s over at Atlanta House Painting, be prepared to be offered commissions to paint murals in your friends’ homes the next time you choose to host a party.

What design do you plan to create?

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