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Interior Design Ideas for Your Atlanta Master Bathroom

Atlanta PaintingIf you ask most people what the two most important rooms in a home are, many people would say the kitchen and the bathroom. Moreover, for residents of Atlanta, interior design Atlanta means creating a bathroom that is beautiful, stylish and spa-like. If you are getting ready to build your dream home, remodel or redesign, here are some painting ideas for your master bathroom.

The Vanity

One of the most important elements in a master bathroom is the counter space. Almost all master bathrooms need to have dual sinks and plenty of room, whether the space belongs to just one person or a couple. Consider using drop-in sinks with beautiful hardware or add a touch of individual interior design Atlanta style with vessel sinks. Vessel sinks are available in almost every style, color, material and design you can think of and help make the bathroom truly unique.

If you are using light or neutral colors and tiling, consider using dark wood for the vanity and cupboards for a sophisticated, luxurious touch.


You might not think so, but the wrong type of mirror can make or break a master bathroom. Consider adding a large mirror with a beautiful frame over each sink or install a wall-length mirror across the entire length of the countertop.


Think about your overall color and design when you choose your countertop material. You can go graceful and stylish with granite, marble or even quartz countertops. Just be sure to link the countertops with other tiles and design elements in the bathroom for a seamless appearance.

Showers and Bathtubs

Many people cannot live without a large bathtub with jet spas for a little relaxation at the end of the day. If you have the space, put in a separate bathtub and a shower for dual purposes. Think about adding dual shower heads and go for the rainfall type for extra style and relaxation. Add tumbled beach glass tile for an extra touch of slight color and a beachy feel in the shower or select limestone for a muted feel.

TilingAtlanta Painting

When you consider the tiles in the bathroom, get creative and use your personal style. Perhaps the clean, white look of subway tile is your thing or perhaps pebble tile that reminds you of nature is more your style. Consider having a mosaic put in with glass, porcelain or metal tiles and graceful patterns. Think of your favorite spa and ask your interior designer for help creating a peaceful, beautiful space with a gorgeous tile mosaic. Another unusual but lovely choice is limestone, which is a durable, beautiful stone that adds neutral tones to the bathroom.


When you chose your colors for the master bathroom, think peaceful and spa-like. Earth-based colors like grey, beige and light blue and green are all great choices.


When you select your hardware, keep your overall vision in mind. If muted, Zen-like qualities are what you seek, consider brushed or polished nickel or chrome.

Extra Touches

If you are looking for an extra special touch in your master bathroom, consider adding a saltwater fish tank or a fireplace (but not next to each other!). The result will be luxurious and fun.You can also add shelving that holds a variety of candles in different shapes, sizes and colors, or uniform tea lights for that romantic spa touch.Interior design Atlanta is a sophisticated, fun style that will help you design the master bathroom of your dreams.

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