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Is The Painting Business Plagued By Pour Business Ethics?

atlanta house paintersAs with any business, there are some unsavory characters in the house painting business. And unlike poor business ethics in the stock market, for example, poor business ethics in the painting business can have a direct impact on you, your home and even your safety. While it is important to remember that most contractors are ethical people who do a good job, a few red flags may indicate some poor business ethics.

License and Insurance

You wouldn’t trust someone without a driver’s license or car insurance to give you a ride, nor should you trust an uninsured, unlicensed independent contractor to paint your home. Ask for their state license number, insurance information and don’t be afraid to check the Better Business Bureau for information about the individual or their business.

Contact Information

In this digital age, there should be no reason why you cannot reach your interior or exterior Atlanta Painting company. Ask for his or her painting business address and avoid anyone who only has a PO Box. Request a cell phone number for access during business hours. After all, you trust them with your home – they should respond with a phone number where you can reach them as needed.

Suspicious Quotes

Any time a contractor with a painting business can offer you a quote over the phone without seeing your house, be cautious. Instant quotes may indicate poor business ethics, as a painting job requires a visual Painting Businessinspection of the house, the area to be painted, and an estimate of labor and material costs. Always ask for a written quote and get at least three different quotes before agreeing on a particular contract.


Any business person will tell you how important it is to have a solid reputation, including the painting business. If the contractor cannot provide pictures of previous jobs, actual names and phone numbers of prior clients to contact, steer clear.

Too Good To Be True

Any time Atlanta House Painters offer you a deal that is significantly lower than other quotes, ask for more information and a written contract. In addition, if the contractor asks for a large advance payment other than a standard deposit or the cost of materials, they may be planning to take the money and run. If the painter asks you to pay in cash, they may be trying to avoid reporting the income to the IRS.

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