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Painting a House Exterior – Properly Staining a Deck.

There are always things that have to be done around your home to keep it in repair. Because your home is more than just a place to live, it’s your investment, a project such as painting a house exterior deck requires you have the proper tools and information to get the job done right first time.exterior paint

Have the proper tools
A few tools that you should have to make this project easier include:

  • Deck Floor Mop-the deck mop allows you to apply the stain evenly and since it’s larger than a deck pad, it covers more deck area faster.
  • Pump Up Sprayer-this can be a useful tool to help apply the stain quickly to the deck.
  • Deck Stain Pad-some contractors prefer using a pad to a brush, because of the ability to “push” the stain into the wood.
  • Paintbrush-a paintbrush is still the best all-around tool to have for this type of project, to help the wood absorb the stain better by brushing the wood while the stain is still fairly wet.

Now that you have an idea about some of the tools that’s required to stain your deck, let’s go over a few things that you should do the job properly.

Prepare all of the wood

This has to be the easiest thing to forget or just skip altogether. Make sure that all the wood on your deck has been properly cleaned “before” you lay down any stain. The older the wood, the more damage the elements have done to it. Make sure to get rid of mildew and other stains by using an deck stainingoxygen bleach wood cleaner or a stain stripper if the stains are really tough to get out.

Don’t’ rush the process

Take your time with the staining process if you have new pressure treated wood, wait a few months for the wood to dry out before you begin to stain it. Take your time and prevent over spraying the wood, make sure to apply the stain evenly and make sure that you start the project when you have a few days of sunny weather ahead of you.

So these are the basics that you should know to get this project done the right way, and when it’s all over you will have a deck that will enhance the overall look of your home and also add value to your home investment.

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