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Atlanta Paining Tips For Painting Small Spaces

Painting is an easy way to give a quick face lift or whole new look to any room in your home.  However, painting those small spaces and hard to reach corners can seem a daunting task. atlanta painting Atlanta Painting can offer some quick tips to make your job a little easier.

Tape Off Edges Carefully.  Though it takes a little extra time to prepare the room for painting, using painter’s tape to protect the edges of carpets, ceilings, heating fixture, or whatever it is you are painting nearby will ultimately save you time.  One of the most difficult aspects of painting in small spaces is the tedious effort of preserving edges.  Taping carefully will allow you paint with more abandon.

Get the Right Brush for the Job.  If you are painting behind a radiator, for example, a brush with a long handle will save you from back-breaking acrobatics.  If you don’t have a long brush small paint bucketon hand, use a ruler or painting stick to tape to the handle of a regular brush.  For tight corners, use a smaller brush that fits in the space easily.

Use a Small Paint Bucket.  Atlanta Painting recommends transferring paint from a large, bulky gallon container to a smaller bucket or even a plastic cup.  This means you can keep your paint nearby, even behind furniture or up on a ladder, with less chance of dropping it or knocking it over.  You can even find a small container with a lid to keep your paint supply ready overnight.

Having the right tools is the key to making your paint project easy and stress free.  Take the time to prepare the room properly and get your painting ideas in order. This way your next painting project will be a breeze.

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