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House Colors – When is Two Coats Best?

wall paint Painting a room is one of the most economical and easy ways to add a splash of color or alter the ambiance of your room. For the cost of a gallon or two of wall paint, you can change the entire look of your home. Few decorating tools give you this kind of bang for your buck.

Painting is relatively easy, but there are a few things that can make your wall look like a professional painting job rather than a DIY project. Knowing when to add a second coat of house colors is one of these insider tips. Below are a few ideas of when it’s best to paint a wall twice:

1. The original paint is dark. If you are covering darker wall paint with lighter colors, the best plan is to paint the wall with a primer, such as Kilz, and then apply your wall paint as a second coat.  That way, the darker color won’t bleed through the lighter one.

house color 2. Your new paint color is dark. Darker shades, such as brown, red and sienna, look brighter and have a more even sheen when a second coat is applied.

3. You are painting a porous surface. Porous surfaces, such as cinder blocks, can absorb paint almost as fast as you can apply it. If you are working with such a surface, it’s essential to paint the wall first with a primer and then follow it with your top coat of paint.

4. There are stains on the wall that you’re painting. Are you restoring an old house or remodeling a room after water damage? If there are water or other stains on the wall, your top coat of paint may not cover them. It’s best to use a primer, followed by your wall paint.

Keep in mind that when using interior latex paint, you’ll want to wait from two to four hours to allow the first paint coat to dry thoroughly before applying the second coat. Wait a full 24 hours if you are using an oil-based paint. Adding the second coat too soon can cause the paint to blister and have an uneven sheen.

Wall painting is easy and can yield dramatic results. Knowing when to add that second coat can insure that your walls look like a professional painted them.

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