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Atlanta PaintingWhether you are painting the inside or outside of your home, paint is considered to be a hazardous waste. Any paint that remains at the end of your project must be disposed of properly. The government of Atlanta doesn’t have a collection program itself, but there are steps you need to take before placing the leftover paint in the garbage can.

Mix kitty litter with any remaining oil based paints that you have. Afterward, set the paint can in the trash without the lid. Toss the lid in next, but make sure it isn’t secured to the paint can.

Atlanta painting says place latex paint cans, lids off, in a dry location. This may be in a mudroom, or outside on a patio deck. Let the paint cans remain there until all of the paint has dried up. You can then dispose of them with your household trash. Remember to keep the lids off of the paint cans when you toss them out.

The company, Atlanta Paint Disposal, will accept small amounts of leftover paint from Atlanta residents if you have reservations about getting rid of the paint in a trash can. Homeowners that choose this option, however, must be aware that Atlanta Paint Disposal charges a fee for this service.

wall paintIf you find that you have a large amount of wall paint once your project is complete, try recycling it at home first. Maybe your dog house needs a new coat of paint, or your child’s dresser could use a makeover. You could also offer the remaining paint to a friend if you don’t want to take on any new projects yourself.

Another option is to take advantage of Freecycle. is a Yahoo Group that allows users to recycle items for free to others in their community that may need the items. Join Atlanta’s Freecycle group and offer the paint to anyone in the area that wants it. At least then, you know it’s being used instead of tossed in the trash.


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