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atlanta interior paintingIndoor air in the Atlanta area can be up to 3 times more polluted than the outside air. This can be because of chemical off gassing that occurs from new carpet or furniture, chemical cleaning products and even freshly painted walls. If you are looking to have part of your home painted, you may want to consider using a low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint to protect you and your family from chemicals that can cause an increase in respiratory illness, allergies and asthma attacks.

At one point in time, VOC’s were needed in order to maintain a high quality paint product. A standard paint that has all of it’s VOC’s can contain up to 10,000 chemicals in it. Luckily, a number of low VOC paints are now on the market that look great while they remain safe for even children and pets which is helpful since painted walls can emit odorless fumes for a few years after it was applied. Low VOC paints also allow Atlanta interior painting companies to be friendly with the environment and prevent chemical pollution.

Atlanta home paintingThe cost of low VOC paints can sometimes be a bit higher than normal but the investment is well worth it. When the carbon containing compounds in paint begin to dry and are released into the air, the compounds react with the air, ozone is produced which we then breathe in. VOC levels in homes are usually ten times higher than the outdoors.

You should still air out your home during the process but you will also notice much less of a smell with low VOC paint and it will be much more tolerable than traditional paint. Many of the current paint manufacturers have come up with a much healthier option that also looks great when applied. A number of different low VOC paint brands are available through Atlanta home painting companies and The Paint Doctor. You can still choose the color you want as well as the finish, trusting that your choice will look wonderful but will also be healthier.

Archie has made service, quality, and knowledge the hallmarks of The Paint Doctor since he started the company in Atlanta over 15 years ago. The company has grown every year, in up and down markets. No matter the scope of project, The Paint Doctor has become the painting contractor interior designers and decorators, commercial contractors, major construction firms, government agencies, and residential clients who value the excellent craftsmanship and service The Paint Doctor provides.

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