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LEAD RRP Fines For Homeowners With Atlanta Painting

painting ideasIf you’re a new homeowner and the home you’ve purchased was built before 1978, you should be aware that If you employ an Atlanta painting company to repaint your home, you have the right to inquire as to whether they’ve been certified as approved EPA Renovators. It is their legal, moral, and civic responsibility and obligation to be certified to interact with lead-based paint.

The EPA requires any renovator, from contractor to owner, from electricians to plumbers, to be Lead-Safe certified. The disturbance of any lead-based paint in their function as a renovator, while working in a pre-1978 home, can mean fines in the range of tens of thousands of dollars or up to 5 years incarceration in a federal prison.

Standards have been set forth by the EPA that include and define the penalties. In fact, those standards apply to any child-occupied facility, which would include a child-care facility, a school, or say, a karate dojo. The specific details and fines are outlined in the EPA RRP, or Renovation, Repair and Painting rule and the HUD Lead Safe Rule. There is no forgiveness for an infraction. Naturally, the same penalties may be imposed on a homeowner who performs the same work without receiving certification or simply allowing another non-certified person to do the work.

Atlanta paintingCertification classes are available daily in Atlanta and northern Florida. It’s an all inclusive 8 hour course and readily available to anyone.

The above information is just one example of the many issues a new homeowner needs to consider before, during, and after purchasing a home. It is highly recommended that every new homeowner make it a point to research information that is or may be relevant to his or her purchase.

Visiting a site like, for example, is a place to discover pertinent information designed to help the Atlanta homeowner become familiar with all aspects of painting ideas. Whether you’re in the market for an Atlanta painting service or just some inside information and tips for your own project, there is much important, free information available to help make your painting experience a much more fruitful and satisfying one.

As a homeowner with the right information, you could save you and your family unnecessary grief, disappointment, and excessive expenditures. If you’re looking to purchase rental property, your legal and moral obligations and responsibilities become even more relevant. Before hiring an Atlanta Painting service, you should be aware of them.

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