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Custom Painting Atlanta – Specialty Finishes

interior painting techniquesThere are a variety of ways to add color, texture and a little personality to your home with custom painting.  Specialty finishes are added after a room has been painted. It adds depth, color, variety and personality to any room.

Here are a few examples of the specialty finishes often used in custom painting:

  • Antiquing-Add age and charm to your walls with an antique finish. There are several different types of antique finishes including crackling, distressed and gold leaf.
  • Crackle-A crackle finish is another great way to get that old antique look.  It resembles an old varnished surface.
  • Distressed-You can create the illusion of wear over time using a distressed finish.  This is a strategic technique and needs to be applied with care to ensure your distressed look doesn’t appear to be too distressed.
  • Faux Gold Leaf-This technique is applied to trim, carvings or curvy features to add a contrast to the carved areas.

Faux Finish-A faux finish can create texture and depth to a room. There are a variety of faux finishes including leather, marble, suede, denim, silk, linen, brick and parchment.  With the number of different finishes and methods available, you are certain to have a gorgeous home.

custom paintingChalkboard-As the name implies, a chalkboard finish is a specialty finish you can apply to give you the ability to write with chalk on your walls and wipe it away easily.  It’s applied like regular paint in two coats for a smooth finish. Great for children’s room, office or even a wall in your kitchen.

Colorwashing-If you’re looking to make your home feel warmer, colorwashing creates a warm and inviting effect. You can customize your look even further by using more than one color however make sure to keep it in the same tone.

Textured-Texture paint can be manipulated by a brush, trowel or roller to achieve various tactile effects.

Glazing-A glaze is a semi-transparent colored glaze painted over a base coat. You can customize your look with combing, ragging, sponging or wood graining.

Homeowners’ can use a number of interior painting techniques to create an environment which reflects their unique personalities. By utilizing these techniques, any room in your home can have an amazing, custom look.

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