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Atlanta Exterior Painting – Staining A Deck

atlanta exterior paintingOf all of the Atlanta exterior painting homes, your deck takes a beating the worst. Unlike your siding and your roof, your deck takes scorching sunlight beating down and harmful moisture pooling up on its surface. For these reasons, it is important to protect the natural beauty and integrity of your deck with a properly applied stain or sealant.

So how do you make sure your finish brings out the best in your wood deck?

  1. Atlanta house paintingStripping the old finishIf your starting with a brand new, unfinished deck, you can skip this step. Or, if your goal is simply to touch up the existing oil based stain without changing the color, you can often skip this step, opting for just a light sanding where necessary.Different strippers work differently so be sure you have the right one for your application and apply as directed by the manufacturer.

    After allowing the directed amount of time for the stripper to work, you’ll rinse it off. A pressure washer on the lowest setting or garden hose sprayer work best for this.

    You may need to make several applications of stripper to get down to the bare wood. If you’re going for a lighter or more natural color, you may want to use a wood brightener as some stripping agents can oxidize the wood, leaving it looking dark.

  2. Sanding and cleaningUsing sandpaperfor flat surfaces, a small wire brush for nooks and crannies, and a dremel tool for the curves or ornate railings and spindles, remove any remaining debris, finish or damage from the deck. Just like with your teeth, mold and water damage are more likely to form in the small crannies first so the finish in tiny cracks and spaces is just as important as the large surfaces you will see.After all of the old finish and major debris has been sanded and scraped away, clean the entire deck with a biodegradable cleanser and water.
  3. StainingWait until the wood is completely dry before applying the first coat. Using a sprayer or wide brush, apply a thin layer of stain to all surfaces in smooth, even passes. If you are using brushes, you’ll want to switch to a smaller one for tight spots and railings. In either case, it is usually best to do railings first.Repeat as necessary. If you’re just doing a touch up, one coat should be enough but if you are completely refinishing, you will require multiple, thin coats for the best finish and durability.

Exterior Home MaintenanceWith regular cleaning, proper care and a light touch-up every few years, your deck’s finish and integrity can be maintained for generations to come. Atlanta house painting provides all this and more if you need a little help.

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