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How to Paint a Room in 5 Easy Steps

how to paint a room

The key to learning how to paint a room is to do the prep work that needs to be done before you begin applying the paint. There is a right and wrong way of how to paint a room. These steps will ensure you get the best finish you desire.

Step 1. Sand and prep

You will want to make sure you sandpaper the surface that will be painted. This will ensure two things: First, it will remove any bumps or drips from the walls. Second, it will scuff up the surface so the paint has something to “grab hold of” when applied. You will want to make sure that you patch any holes and make sure the walls are clean to start with the best surface that you can.

Step 2. Cut in the edges

Your next step in painting is to “cut in around the edges”. This is done to ensure that your roller has some breathing room and doesn’t bump against adjacent areas. To do this, use the brush to cut in a 2 to 3 inch band of paint at all corners and against the ceiling. This is a relatively easy step but will save you the hassle of having to do retouch work in the mentioned areas.

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Step 3. Roll the walls

Once you have cut in around all the edges, you will want roll in the remaining area. You will want to dampen the roller before using it. Dip the roller in the paint and then roll on the grate to drain out excessive paint. If you are not comfortable standing on a chair to reach higher walls you will need a long handled (or extension) roller.

Step 4. Paint the walls

You should begin by rolling a “W” or an “M” shape on the wall to distribute the bulk of the paint. Then, using overlapping vertical strokes, spread the paint evenly between the lines. Continue painting in this manner until the wall is covered.

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Step 5. Paint the trim

You should use a wide, straight edged brush to paint the bulk of the trim along the baseboards. Carefully paint a straight edge along the line of the trim using the brush and do any touch up work with a smaller brush if needed. Wait for the paint to completely dry before removing any tape you may have placed on the walls or baseboards.

These are the 5 Steps on how to paint a room which will inevitably save you time and money and make for easier cleanup.  If you wish to hire out a professional to tackle a room painting project – consult local service review sites such as Angie’s List or or Google Places.

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