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Tips for doing it yourself from The Paint Doctor, Archie Deese

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles MagazineAn Excerpt from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine:

For the average-sized room you’ll need two gallons of paint, a ladder, drop cloths, paint roller, brushes and painter’s masking tape. “When buying paint, don’t go for the cheapest one,” says Deese, “shoot for somewhere in the middle.” If the room you’re painting is big, play it safe and buy an extra gallon of paint. “If you run out in the middle of the room, it’s too late,” he says. “You’re going to have to do that whole wall again, otherwise you’ll see the line right down the middle.”

Archie suggests always using flat acrylic latex paint because it’s the easiest to work with and touch up.

Keep a record of all the paints you’ve used. List the brand name, finish, color and number, where you bought it and the month and year-and label the can with the same information. If a paint can is sealed properly and stored at room temperature, it should last up to two years.

“It doesn’t hurt to get referrals from friends and price a few different contractors,” Deese says. “You might be surprised how, when you add up all the costs of doing it yourself, plus the time, hiring someone might be cheaper.”

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Archie has made service, quality, and knowledge the hallmarks of The Paint Doctor since he started the company in Atlanta over 15 years ago. The company has grown every year, in up and down markets. No matter the scope of project, The Paint Doctor has become the painting contractor interior designers and decorators, commercial contractors, major construction firms, government agencies, and residential clients who value the excellent craftsmanship and service The Paint Doctor provides.

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